Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Song Analysis 3

Krista Dewey
Poetry of Song
Ms. Malone
Song Analysis 3
In the song “Calling All Cars” by Senses Fail the singer, Buddy, is expressing how he feels in his current relationship, and his reasons for ending it. The song is catchy and upbeat yet the lyrics have a lot more depth than many may realize. The lyrics hint to suicide and that is where the title “Calling all cars” comes into play. This phrase is used by police officers when a tragic accident has occurred and all men must report to the scene. The first two lines of the song start off saying “calling all cars, we’ve got another victim,” which obviously is a symbol for a tragedy that took place due to a lack of love. The ironic part is that his girlfriend loves him; however he has no love inside of himself to give, so he turns to suicide to escape from hurting those closest to him. It does not make sense to want to kill yourself because you can’t love, but to Buddy it is enough and he just can’t take it anymore. This selfish yet ironic act is what adds to the depth of the song which makes it much more meaningful then perceived.
Senses Fail is a talented band with a knack for writing songs that contain a deeper meaning. This particular song may seem like a normal break up tragedy, yet the context clues point in another direction. Buddy turns to suicide when he realizes that he does not “have love left inside”, this seems like a irrational thing to kill yourself for but it’s enough considering this feeling has “been building since I have been breathing” making him unable to cope with the situation anymore. This is extremely upsetting to his girlfriend but all he can respond with is “what did you expect from me?” He continues to defend himself and says “I kept my word when I swore that I would let you down.” He is making an attempt to shoulder all the blame on her, this is selfish. Again he makes this decision because he is loveless, the girl is misunderstanding and she refuses to let go, yet Buddy is persistent by saying “try to forget me and just move on.” He is being selfish and irrational by making this decision but of course does not realize it. This song is upsetting because if Buddy “knew all along” that this was going to happen he should have never gotten close to this girl and than pushed the blame on her for the fallout. He “lied” at his very first confession” and made her believe he would always stay. When she calls him out on this, he replies with “I am not the one that you should blame, so take what I left you for the pain.” Not having love to give is a poor excuse for causing someone this much pain, and to pin them with the blame, well that is just ridiculous. Despite all the singers’ incredibly selfish choices, this song is very meaningful, deep and well produced.
This piece is very bold in terms of song writing, yet it is almost poetic. The lyrics sound like a suicide letter to the girl he is leaving. He is giving all his excuses for suicide and is spilling his heart out in hopes of having her understand the feelings that led him to make this decision. Aside from making this song sound like a letter, there are other techniques used to make it poetically beautiful. There is a significant symbol in the line “Its curtain call and I’m about to take my last bow” which foreshadows his suicide attempt. “It’s curtain call” means that it is time, and “I’m about to take my last bow” means this is the last moment of his life. The mood of this song is depressing due to the melancholy lyrics however the music is upbeat. There are two similar consonances in the lyrics which end the same but start out differently. “And now that I’m gone, try to forget me and just move on”, obviously, gone and on both end the same making this line a form of repetition. Also, “but you knew all along, try to forget me and just move on” is a form of repetition to. Along with repetition, mood and symbols, the song itself sounds like poetry. It is a very repetitive song and most ending words rhyme with each other making the song more catchy and easy to follow along wit. It holds up as a beautifully written song and piece of music that many have come to appreciate and enjoy.
This song relates to my theme and genre because it can be played as acoustic, and because the singers’ out look on life is suicidal. There are many songs out there that focus on the subject of depression but to take something as far as suicide is serious. Suicide is a very irrational decision and to blame someone you love for their hurt is incredibly inconsiderate. If he has “known all along” that he would eventually kill himself, why would he stay with the girl and pin her with the blame? He has a selfish out look on life and is obviously only thinking about himself. Typical guy. He has no consideration for how the girl feels and continues on with his decision. Though this is a beautiful acoustic song the lyrics are just preposterous. Buddy looks at life in a negative light causing him to have no love left. Maybe if he tried a new perspective, he could find love and move on. This song may be upsetting in some aspects but many can relate to it and that is what makes a song succeed in the long run.
Buddy may be a melancholy pessimist, but he does write and record music that is well respected all over the country. This song was a major hit when it came out and it was highly applauded by the bands die hard fans. This song has proven itself worthy despite the negativity that is beaming off of it, to some people that is why it is loved so much. To each his own. Buddy may have written and produced the most selfish suicidal song ever made, but it worked. It sounds even better played in acoustic and all should give it a listen someday and truly experience the heart and soul that was put into making this song.

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