Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SIMILIE ! A Loss For Words- All Roads Lead Home

I climbed to the top of this mountain with no fear of tumbling down. for one brief moment in time i freed my mind of this town. got clear sight of lights on the hills just outside the city's grip and just like that i let the moment sleep.

every face seems familiar on these crowded streets,
Sidewalks sway to the beat of my stammering feet,
Lost in a world of handshakes and receipts,
I hear a song it's calling out to me.

The people are aligned on the road like candle pins.
Wobbling above gutters humming old retired hymns.
Can't you see it's all a cavalcade of delusion stares and
Just like that we are prone to disappear.


Whats the price that you pay for living everyday like a number on a docket, a dollar to be saved? whats the price you pay when you give yourself away with swollen fists in your pocket, from the workhouse to your grave?

Let's pray we don't end up this way

This song only has two similes but it relates very well to my theme and genre. Unfortunately i cannot figure out how to get this song on my play list :( Anyways, it relates to my theme and genre because it's acoustic of course and the perspective on life is very different than most of these other songs. The singer's perspective on life has to do with how he views the world in a neg. way and he hopes that he never end up like that because it is monotone and boring. He says that "the people are aligned on the road like candle pains", meaning that they resemble robots who don't think for themselves and they are just going about their lives like they think they're supposed to instead of how they want to. He is describing the unfortunate and scary realization about people in the world and how they are all the same because they are so caught up. In the next verse he says "Whats the price that you pay for living everyday like a number on a docket", the singer is asking rhetorical question about the price you pay for living. By this he means that people give up their lives to live "live a number on a docket" which means that you live your life referred to as just another number not as a real person. Those are the only two similes.

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